Blasting News | Night and Day EP
by on October 9, 2016 3:20 PM in Press

Eclectic, atmospheric, Alternative Rock

From the moment you press play on Alternative Rock act The Slang and their new EP “Night and Day,” you’re instantly brought into the fold of the band’s vibrant, all-encompassing wall of sound. There are some bands that, through their song craft and overall melody construction, envelope one’s entire being in their creation. As the EP opener, “Ballad of Everything” lives up to both the hype and its namesake.

Whether it’s the shimmering lead licks, the consistent bass lines, or the assorted strings, the “Ballad of Everything” has everything one could ever want in an opening track. The atmospheric verses pave the way for a powerful chorus, and while there are so many things going on, as a listener you never feel overwhelmed by it. Every element is meticulously put together to offer a listening experience that’s as purposeful as it is plentiful — finishing off with beautifully arranged strings.

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