Freaks of Nurture| Thrift Review: The Slang – Self-titled EP
by on October 3, 2014 10:36 PM in Press

These days, eclecticism is less of a byword for a combination of varying and often esoteric musical styles, more of an all-inclusive collision of worlds between the underground and the mainstream. As members of the indie world shamelessly find themselves snagging elements from the world of pop, those old-fashioned and haughty aristocratic conceptions of so-called high and low art forms lie trampled in the mud.

American two-piece The Slang are themselves a product of this recent crossing over of musical reference points, following the indie world’s head-splitting and contradictory shift towards the musical mainstream. On their self-titled EP the band blend together the formerly rigid diction of guitar-led scuzziness into a kind of accessible, tuneful and easy to digest everyday speak. The EP presents five cuts, three of which have enough pizazz to suggest that The Slang might be more than a passing interest in future.

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