New Sick Music | Night and Day EP
by on October 9, 2016 3:30 PM in Press

The Slang offer alternative rock loaded with emotionally complex tracks that seem laced with the band’s intriguing history, which moves from John Bobo’s decision to focus on music rather than becoming an FBI agent, to recent changes within the band, and the choice to record away from home, in Nashville. There is joy, there is pain, and there is something fresh within Night and Day.

The album kicks off on an ambitious note — with a track titled “Ballad Of Everything”. Soft, though complex, the song opens with rich instrumental layering and grows with orchestral and harmonic vocal assistance. “Ballad of Everything” is a great way to introduce The Slang in their new form; Night and Day is the first offering from the band as a two-piece, rather than a trio.

“Breakthrough” is edgier, more of a rock jam, with an emotional raspiness in the vocals that continues into the grunginess of “Miracle Sound”. Here, the percussion assistance of Miles McPherson comes into play as the beat (and equally powerful silence) of the drums works to draw you in. John Bobo’s songwriting is powerfully showcased, and the rolling thrum of the bass that John Newsome brings is essential.

The title track, “Night and Day” picks up the pace and utilizes background singers for a full, complete sound that is bound to stay in your head. The stunning video for the song (which you can see here) brings joy and light together to create a sense of pure fun. A string section makes a glorious comeback on the EP’s final track, “Remember to Forget”. The song feels personal and painful, but it’s haunting beauty closes the album with a sort of majesty.

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