Stackstreet Magazine| Is There Bling in the Future for These Two Cats?
by on October 3, 2014 10:38 PM in Press

Slang is the language of generations. In the 50s, there was cool, necking, and kookie. In the 60s, there was hassle, vibes, and far-out. In the 70s, there was dig, bogus, and gross. In the 80s, there was go-postal, crib, and wicked. In the 90s, there was fo-shizzle, bling, and hood. And the millennium brought in words like holla, dope, and swag. These words help to bond and create a comradery between like-minded people. Most of these words eventually went out of style, and some were recycled. The word “cool” seems to have stuck around longer than most. So, if someone were to refer to your ideas as “cool” most likely you have struck the right cord. But, what about a band who just decides to name itself The Slang? Are they cool, dope, far-out, or just bogus?

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