| Desperate Times EP
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Meet The Slang.

According to the OED, the word ‘slang’ was first used in 1756 and referred to the language of “low or disreputable” people. Nowadays, it refers to the informal language used by distinctive groups, like millennials, musicians, teenagers, and even music critics. Depending on your perspective, perhaps the word’s meaning hasn’t changed all that much.

The Slang is an indie-rock band from Washington D.C. made up of John Bobo (vocals, guitar, piano, organ, synthesizer), Nick Giambruno (bass), and Brooks Owens (drums).  The band adopted their name because they write “about common topics from their uncommon perspective.”

The band recently dropped an EP, entitled Desperate Times, on Secret Songs Records.  Their first EP, self-titled, garnered national recognition. Their second EP, Night and Day, recorded in Nashville, featured guest appearances by Miles McPherson on drums and Matt Slocum, who composed and arranged the strings.

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