by on November 6, 2014 4:19 PM in Press

The Slang has something of a throwback sound that I can’t quick pinpoint off the top of my head. Perhaps a 90s alt rock sound? In any case, what this band is doing is different than what most of their peers are putting out these days – indie rock with electronic elements or drenched in reverb.

This project I get the impression is more or less the baby of singer John Bobo – a project he has nursed for years, culminating in the release of this EP. They put on an impressive live show at the third ever Worst Kept Secret Fest – something of an anomaly next to all of the psychedelic and garage rock acts performing that day.

The Slang is best known as a duo, although they have performed both as a solo act (John) and as a trio in the past. While the magic of a studio undoubtedly has a little to do with this, it cannot be understated how huge this record sounds. The band’s target audience is likely a slightly older crowd – but should appeal to most age groups. Bands like Morning Parade and Jimmy Eat World (their more recent albums) come to mind.

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